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Custom Handloads and Load Development















Load Development

Involves developing test batches of ammunition based on your component selection and rifle. The different batches will test how powders, charge weights, seating depths, primers, and selected bullet effect your rifles accuracy. Ultimately ending up with a combination of those that shoot consistent and accurate. The cost includes trips to range, chronograph data, test targets, cleaning of your rifle, reloading time, ammunition, and range fees. Out of our custom rifles we will guarantee 1/2 MOA accuracy. Out of a factory rifle typically we can achieve 1 MOA or better but there are exceptions and we cannot guarantee all will meet this goal.



Handloads are only available after load development has been performed or a load is confirmed to function safely in your rifle by CCR.

What you get with our handloads -

Components are selected for a particular cartridge based on your needs and goals. From the selected components a price per box of 50 and 100 will be generated.

The brass is full length resized, trimmed, and deburred. If needed the flash holes will be deburred. Powder charges are measured on a 0.02 grain resolution scale and are kept to within plus or minus 0.02 scale reading. Seating depth is determined by your chamber and the bullet being used and is kept to within plus or minus 0.001.


Any other information or questions you would like answered send an email or give us a call.


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