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Cartridge Selection




Some people building a rifle know exactly what they want while others prefer some guidance. Cartridge selection can be a tough decision and we are here to help. It all boils down to your intended purpose, goals, and how much recoil you can handle. With our knowledge of ballistics and cartridge performance, we will provide you all the information needed to make the right decision. We feel it is better for you to understand and be comfortable with the performance and recoil that a given rifle/cartridge combination will produce. We can also assist with bullet selection, which will give you the best available combination given your setup. The biggest caliber/catiridge is not always the best and will not always provide the best performance. Bullet selection (BC, SD, weight, construction) plays an integral part in performance of a given cartridge. If you are not comfortable with your setup you can't expect to be effective down range.


Here is a comparison of how some cartridges stack up -  Velocities are estimated actual result may vary




Craig's Custom rifles - Caliber Comparision Chart

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