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Barrel Work


Chamber, Fit, and Cut

Barrel work is done through the headstock of the lathe. Using a four jaw chuck and/or spiders the barrel is dial indicated off the lands and grooves to run less then 0.0001 runout on both ends. This ensures that all cuts are true to the centerline of the bore and barrel will mate up to the action perfectly. The tenon, threads, and bolt nose recess are cut to match the action in hand ensuring a perfect fit and function. Chambers are reamed using Pacific Tool and Gauge removable piloted reamers tipped with a bushing that fits perfectly into the bore to ensure the reamer is held dead center throughout the reaming process. Headspace is set 0.000-0.001.


Crowning and Muzzle Threading

The barrel is dial indicated in the same as above to have less then 0.0001 runout. The crown is then single point cut to the desired crown and left razor sharp for the ultimate accuracy. If a muzzle break or other device is to be used the tenon and threads are single point cut to ensure they are true and perpendicular to bore ensuring all will be straight.


Muzzle Breaks

After the above is performed the caliber diameter is then reamed or single point cut depending on break style, 0.020-0.025 over caliber size.  It is then faced off and crowned. The outside of barrel is dial indicated in to run true and the break is turned down or tapered to barrel muzzle diameter.


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